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Apart for the wolf in the top right corner.. #sorrynotsorry

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Our two beloved heroines. It’s a late post regarding the Cassie’s tweet that she’s finishing COHF yesterday (+8:00 GMT). 

Hey Miss Cassie, if ever you read this, I just want to let you know that you wrote books that entirely changed my life. (No, sush, I’m not being senti) but it’s true. I reeeaaallly would thank my girlfriend for introducing me to TMI or TID. How I wish I read the books years ago. But now, I feel like I’ve been a fan for a long time. So yeah. Thank you for inspiring me. Your books made me enjoy drawing again. And it made me abetter artist, and it gave me a new direction. Before I would doubt myself for aiming to be an illustrator, now I want to continue it, doubtless and happy. Even though I’m taking a college course that is different from what I really want to be, I will continue honing the most important thing in the world, and that is drawing. So yeah, thank you. Thank you so much. 

And even though TMI will end, I will neeevvveeer. EVEEER stop illustrating it (despite whatever ending you have for us).

So here’s a drawing of our beloved heroines from our two favorite books that our beloved author, Cassandra Clare, made. I could have drawn Emma, but I do not know her yet and I am looking forward to meet her! 

(Decided to just post the Tessa I did ages ago along with Clary, thought it’s appropriate. |D) 

You guys keep making me cry! *weeps into cereal, then goes back to madly formatting*

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Never trust a duck
Will Herondale *.*


Never trust a duck

Will Herondale *.*

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*looks left*
*looks right*
*looks left*
*whispers* theres a glossary
*runs away inconspicuously*

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You can tell me *censored for spoilers*, you can show me a cute little Percabeth scene, bUT IF YOU SPOIL THE ENDING FOR ME I WILL BURN YOUR BOOK IN THE FIRE AND RIP OUT YOUR GENITALS

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dude nyx is gorgeous. like, i love her character art more than any of the others, honestly.

shh don’t tell aphrodite i said that she’ll kill me

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